Aseptic bag packaging oxygen transmission tester ASTM D3985

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Plastic Testing Machine
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Introduction of product:

It is suitable for the detection of various gas transmittances of O2, CO2, N2 and air of plastic film, composite film, high barrier material, sheet, metal foil and rubber.


Working principle

It use the principle design of pressure method, the pre-treatment of the sample placed in the upper and lower test room between the compression seal is good, and then the entire system vacuum, when the required vacuum, close the lower chamber, to the high pressure chamber (Upper chamber) into a certain test gas, and adjust the pressure on the cavity to keep the sample on both sides of the formation of a constant pressure gradient, the gas under the action of the pressure gradient, from the high pressure side (upper chamber) to the vacuum side Cavity) infiltration. Accurate measurement of the vacuum chamber (lower chamber) pressure changes, calculate the sample of the barrier parameters. Fully in line with GB1038, ASTM D1434 and other standards.


Related standards :

Compatible with ISO, GB and other test standards: YBB 00082003, GB 1038, ASTM D1434, ISO 2556, ISO 15105-1, JIS K7126-A


Application characteristics:

1. High-speed vacuum capacity, reduce vacuum time, degassing more thoroughly, high test accuracy;

2. Test time is short, high efficiency;

3. Extensible test bottles, bags;

4. Power saving function;


5. Computer software in full compliance with GMP "computerized system" requirements, with user management, rights management, data audit tracking and other functions.

6. full monitoring, automatic recording, testing process can be fully reproduced;

7. Powerful graphics curve function, easy to compare test, analysis;

8. Automatic test: set the test parameters, after the start of the test automatically, automatically determine the end of the test and save the test results;

9. Host software using encrypted general database system, the data can be exported, can be data storage, query, print, and other functions. Through the analysis of historical data, easy to grasp the historical news of the product.



1. Imported high-precision vacuum sensor and pressure sensor;

2. Pure semiconductor hot and cold two-way temperature control, automatic temperature control cooling, temperature range wider and more accurate; parallel work, higher reliability;

3. Using baseline technology to remove system errors, the test results are more accurate;

4. With precise pressure control, to maintain a constant pressure difference;

5. Embedded system control, the use of high-quality components to ensure the stability of the instrument operation, reliability; 



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